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Love does not BOAST.

I’d like to think that I don’t boast about my successes, but it’s not always easy. In a world where we post photos and thoughts with the hopes of receiving “likes,” it’s increasingly hard to not put myself on a pedestal. Especially being in a place of leadership.
denille-davis-jilly My wife is extremely talented. She takes on projects and responsibilities with tenacity. When she is a part of a project, you will know that it will be done with great enthusiasm, it will be well thought out, and every opportunity for success will be explored. She often finds success and exceeds expectations. Anyone who knows her, knows that this is true. Motherhood is no different, and I get a front row seat. Denille would be the last to tell you this because she knows there are greater things to come.

I have heard that humility makes you hungry, and Denille paints that picture well in my life.

I was challenged with this thought today:

“Gifted people don’t have to inform the world how gifted they are. They simply use their gifts, and the world can’t help but notice.”

Stay humble. Stay hungry. The world around you will notice.

This is from a series of posts I made on Facebook during the summer of 2016.