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Have you ever played this game?


I recently bought a GIANT version of pick up sticks (the sticks are two feet long!), and it is a blast. It brings back memories of playing the game with little plastic sticks when I was a kid.

I can remember opening the can and spilling all the sticks on the floor. A little bit of a mess. Starting the game was a little difficult, but after some time and practice (and a reminder that it is supposed to be fun), I actually began to have fun.

When we launched our new children’s ministry at our church, I knew it would be a little bit like pick up sticks. It was new, and sometimes that can be uncomfortable. But as we started “playing” we began get into a groove and had a lot of fun.

Not everything was perfect at first (especially day one), but it was important to embrace that. Making mistakes and not being perfect gave us direction on how to grow and get better.

Never stop improving.

I think about Lowes’ slogan all the time. Sure, never stop improving your home will keep you returning to their store. But if we never stop improving our lives, assessing where we are in our walk and how we can get better, then we start to live the life Paul writes about in Philippians 3:12-14. That type of life not only improves ourselves, but it improves our marriages and the lives of those who are closest to us.