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Love is not PROUD.

Davis, proud of his organized collection of stuff

It is hard to not be prideful of success and accomplishments. Pride can easily overstep its welcome in my life. I will even seek compliments when I think that I have done a good job. I often feel defeated when I don’t receive affirmation when I think I did a good job. It’s a constant battle. I’ve heard it said before that the greatest enemy of success in our future, is the success we are experiencing right now.

My favorite verse in scripture attacks pride and promotes humility. John 3:30 points out that Jesus is always greater. In order to attack pride, I want to make much of Jesus.

Brag on Him

I’ve discovered that it is hard to learn when I think I have it all figured out. When I admit that I don’t have it all figured out, I tend to learn bigger lessons. And that is a whole lot better than learning a hard lesson after a fall from pride.

Loving this statement that I read today: “Don’t let your pride keep you from learning from people who are smarter than you.” – Perry Noble

I want to surround myself with people who are smarter than me. ⚓️

This is from a series of posts I made on Facebook during the summer of 2016.


Love does not BOAST.

I’d like to think that I don’t boast about my successes, but it’s not always easy. In a world where we post photos and thoughts with the hopes of receiving “likes,” it’s increasingly hard to not put myself on a pedestal. Especially being in a place of leadership.
denille-davis-jilly My wife is extremely talented. She takes on projects and responsibilities with tenacity. When she is a part of a project, you will know that it will be done with great enthusiasm, it will be well thought out, and every opportunity for success will be explored. She often finds success and exceeds expectations. Anyone who knows her, knows that this is true. Motherhood is no different, and I get a front row seat. Denille would be the last to tell you this because she knows there are greater things to come.

I have heard that humility makes you hungry, and Denille paints that picture well in my life.

I was challenged with this thought today:

“Gifted people don’t have to inform the world how gifted they are. They simply use their gifts, and the world can’t help but notice.”

Stay humble. Stay hungry. The world around you will notice.

This is from a series of posts I made on Facebook during the summer of 2016.


Love does not ENVY.
I can sometimes look at someone and wish I had what they have. Talent, possessions, position, family and more can cause me to become envious.

chris-paintingChris is a Liberty University student who has worked with me for the last three summers. He has more talent, drive, and experience than I had when I was his age. It’s easy to look at him and “wish” I had what he has. But just like everyone else, he has his own struggles.

No one is perfect. I’ve heard before that we often compare ourselves to other people’s highlight reels. Meaning that we compare our worst (what we know best) to other people’s best (only what we can see).


“We often compare ourselves to other people’s highlight reels”

I was challenged with this thought today: “If we get hung up on comparing our success (or lack of success) to the success of others, we tend to pull people down to our level instead of being encouraged by what they’re doing and allowing it to produce a healthy drive in us.”

I’m thankful to be a small part of Chris’ journey and look forward to see what happens next.

This is from a series of posts I made on Facebook during the summer of 2016.



Love is KIND.

Sometimes I beat myself up when I fail to do the right thing. Sometimes I get wrapped up in the lack of simple obedience from my kids. And sometimes other people’s actions can make me frustrated or angry.


Not only is love patient, but love is kind.

I’ve heard before:

It’s ok to not be ok, it’s just not ok to stay there.

Today I was challenged with this thought: “Kindness means that we’re more concerned with who a person is becoming than with what they’re doing.”

I want to be a cheerleader for who a person is becoming.

This is from a series of posts I made on Facebook during the summer of 2016.