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Two Observations During My Daniel Fast

Posted by justinbrownlee on January 13th, 2017 at 4:11 pm

I have been participating in a *modified Daniel Fast as part of a commitment I made with our church for 21 days of prayer and fasting.

Although it has been only 5 days that I have been fasting, it has already been rewarding. Each morning I have read through a Daniel Fast devotional that is available on the You Version Bible app, and I have prayed about some specific areas where I want to grow in my relationship with the Lord, and I have prayed specifically for my family and others who I care about.

Two observations I have during this fast:


1. I don’t really pray without ceasing

Obviously. How hard would that be anyway? But I have often thought: “oh yeah, I observe and think about the Lord’s blessings and praise Him throughout the day.” False. Every time I turn down a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup and resist the urge to drink a Diet Coke I am reminded of how often I don’t think about the Lord. Each time I say no, I am reminded of why I am doing this fast, my prayers, God’s faithfulness, and it allows me to be aware of God’s presence in my life all over again.

2. It has become easier to deny the flesh

As I have been consistently telling myself “No, you can’t eat that. No, don’t grab a handful of marshmallows. No, Chickfila, and no Chickfila cookies,” it has become easier to say no to other things that my flesh desires. I have been able to process thoughts and habits differently now that I am in the routine of saying no. I don’t love saying no, and it reminds me of Paul denying the flesh and doing what he hates in Romans 7:15. My hope and prayer in now that I can break these old habits and take on new ones.


“Sometimes we need to say no to
something in order to say yes to God.”

From what I have experienced so far, I would encourage you to a similar fast. It has been a very positive experience so far. If you have fasted, have you had similar thoughts or any additional observations?


*My “modified” plan includes brown rice, beans, nuts, seeds, some grains, dried and fresh fruit, fresh vegetables, fresh fruit juices, water, and coffee. I am avoiding everything else, including meats, dairy, sugar, and artificial sweeteners. Diet Coke, cheese, candy, and chicken being the hardest to fast from.

Here is more information on what we are doing as a church.


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