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Identity in Our Obsessions

Posted by justinbrownlee on September 15th, 2016 at 12:24 am

I recently saw a post from someone online about their obsession with Justin Bieber. The way that the comment was written, the underlining message was “everyone knows I am a huge Bieber fan, so you know this is a big deal to me.” This person was more than 100% happy with everyone knowing that they have more than average obsession with The Beebs.

I can somewhat relate because I am a big fan of the Denver Broncos. There are little things that I obsess about when it comes to the football team. I align myself with them.

I highly doubt that this one person that I am friends with on Facebook really would align their values with Justin Beiber’s. I wouldn’t align myself with the beliefs and the decisions of every person that represents the Denver Broncos organization.

My identity and who I am are going to
automatically align with my obsessions.

If you are obsessed with keeping your hands clean: Germaphobe. Obsessed with having everything in order and perfectly in line: OCD. Obsessed with saving money: Tightwad. Many of us pride ourselves with our obsessions. We like it to be our thing… to be our identity. We like the label.

Our desire to have identity… to be labeled… is how we are designed. It is how we are wired. But we have the wiring all mixed up. All these little things that we obsess over, and find identity in, are a result of our natural instinct to worship.

We were created for worship. We are wired for it. But for selfish reasons, we allow other things to come into our lives and worship shifts to obsession. Instead of identity in Christ, we have identity in musicians, sports, and other ticks that revolve around us.

Imagine what your relationship with Christ would be like if all your obsessions became worship.



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