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‘Merica Paint War

Posted by justinbrownlee on July 12th, 2014 at 12:19 pm

As part of our “Best Summer Ever” series over the summer, we held a DIY Paint War. We had a great turn out and had a lot of fun.

How we made the Paint:

We mixed 1 pound corn starch (about a $1 a pound at Sam’s Club) to 1 pound powdered tempera paint (Colorations brand from

How we made it work:

Our event was America themed, so we only used red and blue. We put about a half a pound of each color in Ziploc bags, with the plan to give everyone a half a pound of each color. We had our students divided into 4 teams. We created a square on the field and had one team with red face a team with blue (the other 2 teams watched). Then the other two teams faced each other. The third round was all four teams against each other. We had enough paint to do a fourth round as well. Doing it in rounds ensured that the war wasn’t over in 30 seconds. We passed out paint to everyone before the rounds.

Our leaders had squirt bottles (similar to ketchup bottles) that held 1 pound of paint. They participated by squirting everyone and the bottles worked great.

At the end we had a ladder out and had a hose that was misting water… it allowed the paint to become more vibrant and for the students to clean up a bit.

Here’s a video:



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